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"I was really stoned when I wrote it" - Layne Staley

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Hole performing ‘Softer, Softest’ at MTV Unplugged in New York. - 02/14/1995.

Nirvana performing ‘Drain You’ live at Nulle Part Ailleurs - 1994.

Courtney Love talking about the article of Vanity Fair. - 1992


August, 1993.

Interviewer: I warn that Paul McCartney recently said that “Lithium” was the song he loved the most.
Krist Novoselic: "That’s funny, because when I did the bass line of the song my goal was just to give it a Beatles air."
Kurt Cobain: "I think if it was John Lennon who said that, I would have peed joy. But Paul… Okay, I’m wrong and I guess he has contributed significantly to many things I love about the Beatles. But I hate his solo albums.”

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